Manorhaven to revisit marijuana moratorium

The Village of Manorhaven has enacted another moratorium temporarily prohibiting any use involving the sale of marijuana. (Photo by Tom McCarthy)

The Village of Manorhaven’s Board of Trustees said last Thursday that it plans to take up a measure prohibiting the sale of marijuana within village limits that expired in the fall. 

“The board is going to revisit the marijuana moratorium next month to consider re-enacting the moratorium that has expired,” Deputy Mayor Priscilla Von Roeschlaub said. 

Manorhaven trustees voted to implement a six-month moratorium on the sale of marijuana for both recreational and medical use within the village limits in April.

Mayor Jim Avena, who missed his first village meeting on Thursday since he was elected, said previously that the moratorium on marijuana sales was passed at a 21-minute village meeting.

The sale of marijuana was listed as a prohibited use under the village code and will require renewal every six months.

“Nobody wants that here,” Avena said previously.

Village Attorney Jonathan Fielding said that the moratorium was drafted when it was thought that Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s 2019 executive budget would include the legalization of recreational and medicinal marijuana.

The board allowed it to expire when the state Legislature did not pass any new law, Fielding said.

Now that legalization is once again reportedly becoming a priority for the governor and the Legislature the village has decided to revisit the moratorium, Fielding said.

The board also rejected plans for an electronic sign on Manhasset Isle after reactions to the plans were ultimately negative, Von Roeschlaub said.

The moratorium will be discussed at a village meeting next month, she said.




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