To celebrate the arrival of the holiday season, the lampposts of Port Washington are being decorated with garland, bows and strings of lights.

But putting these decorations on 65 lampposts isn’t free, which is why Port’s Chamber of Commerce is seeking donations to help cover the costs.

This year, the chamber is hoping to raise $5,200 to cover the cost of decorating.

We lay the money out and then hope to raise it,” said Chamber Executive Director Bobbie Polay. “Right now we’re maybe half of the way there.”

To raise money, the chamber is encouraging local businesses and residents to “adopt” a lamppost by donating $100. Anyone who donates that amount will receive a certificate.

Polay said that if costs were not met through fundraising, money would be pulled from the chamber’s general fund. If fundraising exceeded costs, she said the leftover money would be used to cover the installation of next year’s decorations.

When asked why people should donate for the lampposts, Polay said it was a good way to give back to the town and keep it beautiful.

“It just brightens the whole town during the holiday season,” she said. “Everyone loves to see the lampposts decorated, you see the lights at night, garland during the day, it puts everybody in the holiday spirit.”

For those seeking more information or who would like to make a donation, the chamber can be reached at 516-883-6566 or [email protected]

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