Provitalize Reviews 2023: Ingredients, Side Effects & Dosage

Provitalize suits women dealing with menopause. The product helps deal with hormonal changes and their symptoms during this period. Some symptoms you could experience during menopause include night sweats and hot flashes. Plus, you could experience sleeping difficulties and increased weight. Not only that but there are also mood swings and reduced sex drive.

Over time, it has become challenging to identify quality weight loss supplements on the market. Hence, we researched and recognized Provitalize as one of the available. Unlike other weight loss formulas, this product stays true to its word.

It promises excellent gut health, and digestive function, and boosts immunity. In addition, it helps with weight loss and reduces menopause symptoms. We will discuss the scientific evidence and ingredients backing the benefits promised by this product.

What Is Provitalize?

This product comes from Better Body Co, and the brand promotes healthy living with supplements made to support body functions. These supplements hailed from Newman, Georgia, but manufactured in Las Vegas, Nevada. The main aim of this product is to help women deal with menopause symptoms. Additionally, the product promotes gut health and overall wellness. The supplement also assists in weight management.

Provitalize generally uses plant-based ingredients and probiotic strains to regulate gut health. Further, these ingredients help you lose weight naturally without causing harm to your body.

The product boosts metabolism to help burn stored and ingested fat. So, your body receives more energy while reducing weight with weight loss pills, and you can spend more time exercising to boost its effects. It does not contain synthetic compounds or stimulants, and it comes in capsulated form.

This product uses probiotics found in yogurt, kimchi, miso, sauerkraut, pickles, and cheese. Further, the ingredients used in this product occur naturally in other foods you can get from grocery stores. This product does not contain fiber or caffeine, like most other probiotics. While caffeine helps increase your body’s metabolism, it is not helpful for women experiencing menopause symptoms. Since most women complain of sleeplessness and hot flashes at night, this product excludes caffeine so you can have a good night’s rest.

We discovered that users were generally satisfied with this product. Most women found the product effective in reducing menopause symptoms. We also found the product helped some users achieve flatter tummies and maintain healthy BMI. Additionally, the product helped some users achieve their keto weight loss goals.


  • Stimulant-free
  • Non-GMO, gluten, and sugar-free
  • Boosts immunity and general health
  • Accelerates fat burning in the body
  • Optimizes gut balance
  • Promotes digestion


  • Only available online
  • Best for women above 40

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Provitalize Ingredients Reviews

This product contains several active ingredients which help with body functions, especially for women above 40. It uses DR caps or delayed-release capsules that dissolve slowly to ensure that nutrients remain intact as it passes the stomach. It regulates the nutrients to ensure they get absorbed in your body.

We did not come across caffeine in this product. Yet, products like Trimtone used green tea and green coffee extracts- two well-known caffeine variants. Both of these forms have antioxidants exclusive to them. Plus, green tea and green coffee have other compounds like catechins, which provide fat-burning benefits.

Fiber is essential in weight loss due to three primary functions. First, fiber swells the digestive tract to absorb water. Hence, this function makes you feel fuller than expected. Second, fiber bonds lipids to reduce absorption, thereby helping your body process sugars better. Provitalize does not contain fiber but has ingredients that act in a similar effect. The best probiotics even if used for weight loss tend to cause bloating when combined with fiber. Hence, users of Provitalize may experience temporary waist size gain, which is not related to actual weight gain.

  • Probiotic Blend

Provitalize has 68.2 billion CFU per serving. This blend has B. lactis, L. gasseri, and B. breve. When cultured under the right conditions, these organisms help to revitalize gut flora. Additionally, the mix also optimizes digestion which aids in better absorption of nutrients.

  • Turmeric

This ingredient has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory abilities. Thus, it helps to reduce pain from muscle-related fatigue. Additionally, it helps fight inflammation and boosts your overall health.

  • Moringa Leaf

The leaves of moringa contain antifungal, antioxidant, and antiviral activities. These activities help improve blood sugar levels, decrease cholesterol, and boost heart health.

  • Curry Leaf

Curry contains antioxidants that offer antidiabetic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving effects to users.

  • Lecithin

Lecithin is part of the phospholipid group, and it helps in moving fats within the body. Thus, this compound boosts the absorption of some elements in the body. The combination commonly finds use in decreasing cholesterol levels. Plus, it helps treat Alzheimer’s and dementia by boosting the functional pathways of the brain.

  • BioPerine

Bioperine comes from black pepper, and it helps improve turmeric absorption. Further, the ingredient increases metabolic activities and aids fat-burning processes. The thermogenic from turmeric root acts as an active substitute for caffeine anhydrous. The ingredient replaced caffeine since caffeine has adverse effects such as sleeplessness or jitters. Since the product works specifically for women, turmeric root becomes a plausible option.

Provitalize uses moringa and curry leaf extracts. The moringa leaf extracts possess anti-inflammatory benefits. Hence, if you experience hot flashes or joint pains associated with menopause, the product would be able to target that problem. On the other hand, the curry extract provides extra nourishment since it is rich in vitamins A, B, and B12.

Provitalize, Leanbean, and Trimtone use Bioperine, which helps the body absorb more ingredients. Plus, these products use sunflower lecithin, an emulsifier that blends ingredients for better absorption. Thus, the ingredients used in these products work together to enhance their effects using perfectly balanced ratios.

  • Lactobacillus gasseri

L. gasseri reduces allergies, boosts immunity, and reduces belly fat. This strain also fights bacteria that plague the urinary tract and the gut. Moreover, the bacterial strain reduces unnecessary body fat. It also prevents irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and aids bowel movement.

This bacteria also makes up the vaginal flora in women. The vaginal flora consists of bacteria that help to keep the vagina clean and free from infections. Hence, the female vagina is protected by consuming this product. In addition, the ingredient boosts the female reproductive and digestive systems. This product aids weight loss by promoting fecal fat excretion while inhibiting fat absorption.

  • Bifidobacterium breve

B. breve is effective in lowering fat mass. Hence, your body gets a substantial fat reduction boost after using this product. This strain of bacteria remains active in the digestive tract of humans, where it carries out symbiotic activities.

Further, the bacterial strain helps prevent constipation while clearing the digestive tract. Consuming this product also means your body gains the ability to protect against diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome. Thus, the work of this bacterial strain, in the long run, prevents the accumulation of fat.

Furthermore, B. breve helps boost your body’s immunity and helps protect your intestine with its anti-inflammatory properties. The bacterial strain also regulates your body’s sugar levels without causing adverse effects.

  • Bifidobacterium lactis

This bacteria reduces cholesterol, helps maintain body mass index (BMI), and inflammation in the body. A study in 2018 noted that B. lactis formed part of the active ingredients in a best probiotics formula. The formula effectively and efficiently reduced inflammation in users.

This compound naturally occurs in milk and cheese. The bacterial strain works by protecting the digestive tract from bloating and diarrhea. It also helps in neutralizing the side effects experienced by consuming antibiotics while boosting your immune system.

Combined with the other two bacteria we have discussed, these strains lower otherwise adverse cholesterol levels. Plus, these bacterial strains work together to enhance fat burning and, consequently, weight loss in your body. Hence, your body gets protected from harmful bacteria in the gut and against unintentional weight gain.

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Can You Lose Weight With Provitalize?

The main components of this product consist of three probiotic strains that target fat burning and balance your best probiotics flora. According to the manufacturers, the product helps prevent the storage and absorption of fat. Additionally, the product accelerates the healthy metabolism of excessive fat in your body. Provitalize contains natural, plant-based ingredients from spices, herbs, roots, and seeds. These ingredients have high antioxidants that improve nutrient absorption and reduce overall inflammation.

The excess fat stored in the body may result in oxidative stress. Hence, this product promotes fat-burning processes by improving absorption and digestion. Moreover, the product reduces oxidative stress levels to speed up and assist in weight loss.

One great perk of using Provitalize is that it works with your body to reduce hunger and suppress your appetite. Once your cravings subside, you will no longer need to eat snacks between meals. Since this product boosts serotonin production, you also get improved moods after use. Therefore, you can effectively counter emotional outbursts.

Most women have issues losing weight during menopause. With this product, your metabolism gets an efficient boost. Hence, you get better results, especially while eating healthy and taking slimming pills. Most people begin to see weight loss results four weeks into their Provitalize experience. However, this time varies and depends partly on your diet and how active you are while achieving your desired results.

If you want to increase your energy and metabolic levels, you need to consider this product. It is also efficient in managing your mental health while keeping you focused and alert. You will likely notice a boost in your cognitive health after using this supplement.

We found that L. gasseri helps in weight reduction, and it has been studied for its anti-obesity effects and how it helps lose belly fat. Another study discovered that B. breve helped with weight gains in people with diabetes. The findings were encouraging, although there was no evidence of a larger population. We also found that the combination of B. breve and B. lactis could potentially combat liver inflammation. In addition, we learned that probiotics further stimulate the burning of fatty tissues.

Who Should Use Provitalize?

This product suits women looking to treat menopause symptoms. Hence, if you are 40 years and above and already experiencing menopause, this product is suitable for you. In addition, if you want to lose weight by using natural probiotics, Provitalize is your best bet. The product also helps to take care of gut bacteria. Hence, if you need to regulate the impact of gut bacteria on your weight, you can use this product.

It suits women looking to increase energy levels while maintaining their weight. While women under 40 can use this product, it works best for those with menopause symptoms. Since menopause lowers your metabolism, it comes with weight gain, but with Provitalize, you get to lose weight.

Claimed Benefits Of Provitalize

As we have earlier discussed, this product contains herbs that help eliminate low energy levels in the body. The product also boosts immunity while enhancing digestive functions. Further, the probiotic bacteria used by this product helps break down food into smaller, easy to absorb bits. This supplement isn’t a miracle worker. Weight loss may be aided with Provitalize. But, in order for that to happen, you must play a role by committing to a healthy lifestyle.

This product helps manage other body issues, including anti-inflammatory action on the joints, reducing cravings, and improving skin conditions. It also helps as a mental and emotional booster and improves heart health. The brand mentioned that the product’s fat-burning ability remains phenomenal due to the probiotic strains in its herbs.

During menopause, your body goes through a metabolic syndrome, which results in many other changes in the body. These changes include abdominal obesity, hypertension, resistance to insulin, and dyslipidemia.

Menopause also leads to other changes, including fluctuations in hormonal levels. When the hormones in your body begin to decrease, your body risks fatigue, vaginal dryness, and inflammation of the joints. Further, you could experience massive mood swings, low sex drive, and hot flashes.

One disadvantage of menopause is weight gain. Hence, this product included probiotic herbs in its blend to help middle-aged women feel confident about losing weight. Since these women prefer to lose fat in their mid-section, this product is the best option.

The brand claims that it protects the digestive tract and helps reduce cravings while breaking down food. Hence, you can effectively manage your calorie intake with this supplement. This product is paleo, keto, and vegan friendly. Since most women are trying to lose weight using special diets, this product will work great with your diet.

Does Provitalize Cause Side Effects?

While Provitalize uses natural ingredients in their blend, you may experience specific side effects while using the product. Note that most of these side effects come from wrong product usage. When you use too much of this product, you could experience upset stomachs. Additionally, users of the product have noted that you may feel dizzy when consuming the product. You could also experience migraines in some instances. Furthermore, you could experience an increased heartbeat when you take this product.

Note, however, that not everyone gets to experience these side effects. Most times, these side effects come into play due to overdose. Also, the experience varies from body to body. Hence, you may experience mild side effects or nothing at all. If you experience mild side effects that disappear after some time, you can continue with your dosage. However, if the symptoms persist, you may have to consult your doctor immediately for medical advice.

Who Should Avoid Provitalize?

As we earlier discussed, this product serves women experiencing symptoms of menopause. Hence, the product works best for women in their 40s. People under 18 years should not consume this product as their hormones are still at their peak and their bodies are still developing.

Weight loss supplements work for young adults, the middle-aged, and the elderly. Teens and children should not take these supplements. In case of accidental swallowing, contact poison control or bring your child to the emergency room.

You must not use this product if you have any preexisting medical conditions, mainly liver or heart problems. If you are under medication or have any underlying disease, consuming this supplement is not the greatest of ideas. To use this product, you must consult your health care provider for medical advice. Please do not take this supplement because it contains blood thinners, COX-2 inhibitors, and NSAIDs that interact with your body. If you have any issues with these, you may put yourself at severe risk.

This supplement takes time to work and will not change your figure overnight. With exercise and a healthy diet, the faster effects may become facilitated. However, unhealthy lifestyles combined with a high-calorie diet may render this supplement useless. Plus, you must note that this product is not a quick fix or magic pill to reduce stubborn fat in your body. Hence, you must only use this product if you have the time, patience, and discipline to finish it. Further, this product does not work for men since it targets women who are in menopause. Hence, you may need to consider other weight loss supplements.

How To Take Provitalize?

We scoured through instructional guidelines provided by the company. We also considered the reviews from other users. Most users recommended taking the capsules after waking up in the morning. Moreover, you can also take them with or without your meals.

The instructions from the manufacturers state that you take two capsules each morning. You must also maintain a healthy diet for the capsules to work effectively. A sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle may render the drug ineffective. Plus, to ensure you get the best results, you must consistently take this product without breaks. You will start noticing changes from three to four weeks during the usage period.

It is essential to adhere strictly to the recommended dosage of two capsules daily to avoid underdosing or overdosing. As earlier stated, these side effects could be mild or severe. If you overdosed, it would help to contact your health practitioner immediately.

Where To Buy Provitalize?

You can only obtain this product via Provitalize’s website. To avoid falling prey to scammers, you must use the website for all your purchases. Moreover, there are certain advantages associated with buying from the brand website. Firstly, you enjoy the 60 days return policy. Hence, if you do not feel comfortable with the product, you can return it and collect your money if you meet the money-back criteria. However, you must note that handling and shipping charges cannot be refunded.

You also get free shipping for every two bottles or more of Provitalize you purchase from the brand. You can expect your product within two to seven days after the order is processed if you stay in the US. If you reside anywhere else in the world, you may have to check in with customer service to find out how long it would take to get your product.

Provitalize is a safe probiotic supplement to consume. It contains natural compounds that help support gut health and burn unwanted body fat. Compared to many other weight loss supplements on the market, the product stands tall. Note that the brand does not offer free trials for its weight loss supplement. Hence, you must purchase the product to enjoy its benefits.

Based on user reviews, we can say that this product is not a scam and does deliver its claims. You will see results as long as you follow the right dosage and eat healthy. You can, however, take the supplement for 90 days to see if it works well with your body or not. Considering the many positive reviews we have come across; we recommend this product to anyone who wants to improve their overall health and fitness.

Before you purchase this product, ensure to select the correct purchasing method to avoid mishaps with logistics. You can either order an auto-ship subscription or a one-time purchase. Hence, you must order depending on your preference.

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2 Provitalize Alternatives

Like many other fat burner on the market, there are several alternatives we found interesting. If you have gone through the Provitalize but want to try a similar supplement, you should consider these alternatives.

  • Leanbean

Leanbean uses specially formulated, all-natural ingredients from plants and herbs to reduce appetite, burn fat, and increase energy. One great thing about this product is that it works efficiently. This product curbs cravings by incorporating natural fiber into its formula, and the fiber helps your system feel fuller.

This product burns more fat due to the glucomannan in its formula. The ingredient enhances your body’s metabolic activities and consequently burns fats. You also get more energy and increased focus when using this product.

Leanbean features vitamins and minerals like vitamin B6, B12, zinc, chromium, and choline. It also includes ingredients like piperine, garcinia cambogia, green coffee, acai berry, and turmeric.

  • Trimtone

Much like the other products for menopause, Trimtone works best for women. The product helps with weight loss by increasing your body’s metabolic rate. It burns out hard-to-shift, and stubborn fat, converting them to energy. Hence, it becomes easier to work daily without getting tired or consuming lower-calorie diets. Plus, like others we have talked about, the brand reduces your appetite and cravings. Thus, you can resist excessive snacking, which leads to weight gain. With this product, your body gets more energy, burns fat, and reduces appetite without adverse effects.

Like Leanbean, this product uses glucomannan, a dietary fiber that helps with weight loss and appetite suppression. A single capsule of this product also contains 120 mg of anhydrous caffeine, promoting your body’s fat-burning mechanism. Also, the product has green coffee, an ingredient responsible for reducing your body’s insulin levels, boosting your metabolism, and decreasing your fat absorption index.

Like green coffee, green tea also helps in reducing fat storage and carbohydrate absorption. Hence, including this ingredient leads to direct weight loss in users. Plus, green tea helps induce the hormones responsible for fat breakdown, and thus, your body breaks down fat at optimal rates.

Another active ingredient used by this product is called the grains of paradise, and this product is very potent in increasing the rate of metabolism in your body. Grains of paradise comes from a similar family as ginger. Hence, the distinct spicy and peppery flavor helps increase your energy expenditure, leading to fat burn.

Conclusion: Does Provitalize Work For Weight Loss? 

We have reviewed the benefits of this product as well as its alternatives. While this product promises many benefits, it only suits women experiencing menopause symptoms. Hence, this product does not fit men, children, and people with severe health conditions.

We discovered that the probiotic strains used in this product match those of many foods on supermarket shelves. Thus, consuming this product is as beneficial as eating food you picked off the shelf. If you do not want to change your diet or mess with your probiotic formula, this product remains the best option.

The product does not contain caffeine in its formula. Hence, this product offers you a chance to remain fit without the stress of tolerating caffeine. Moreover, the product deliberately left out fiber to prevent inflammations and other complications experienced by women with menopausal symptoms. In general, we discovered that this product met the expectations of many users on the market.

The product is safe for consumption and contains excellent digestive enzymes for gut health customer-centric policies to ensure a smooth company-customer relationship. If you seek a product with minimal health and physical complications, Provitalize is the best supplement to consider.

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