PYA Softball announces new commissioner

Courtesy of the PYA

Port Washington Youth Activities (PYA) is pleased to announce its new softball commissioner this season, Cory Drewes. Cory, with two daughters who currently play PYA Softball, continues to improve the program as she takes over for previous commissioner Glenn Skolnick.

During his tenure, Glenn spearheaded the recent remarkable growth in the girls’ program as he helped build it into what it is today. He remains active in coaching and coordinating the program.

Drewes played softball at Yale University and represents a great role model for the younger players. With her background and experience, she ensures that the program provides great opportunities for the players to learn and develop the right skills for the game. As a member of the PYA Board of Directors, Cory also has done a great job this past winter in planning and getting the softball program ready for the spring.

“It’s great that she has been involving the local high school players and coaches whenever she can,” said PYA President Tony Cavallaro. “We are fortunate to have Cory as our softball commissioner and as a PYA board member. The board has the utmost confidence in her ability to continue the growth of the softball program and skill development of the players.”

Over more than a decade, PYA’s softball program has grown from a handful of players into a thriving program with almost 175 girls competing in a local travel league.  Players also are involved in summer travel teams. This past winter, indoor workouts were organized at a local facility in Port Washington which was run in conjunction with local high school players. Many of these players were giving back as they also played PYA Softball when they were younger. In fact, the PYA softball players were involved in a clinic given this month by the high school players and there was also a “PYA Day” at a recent high school softball game.

PYA Softball is the only Little League-sanctioned softball program in town and thus adheres to the Little League safety plan. All coaches undergo background checks.  PYA’s softball program is run out of the Lions Field complex located at the end of Glen Lane – a unique, multi-diamond community amenity that is undergoing a material renovation and beautification project. If your daughter is interested in playing PYA Softball, please contact PYA at 516-944-7921 or visit the PYA website at for details.

PYA is a nonprofit, Better Business Bureau Approved, charitable organization whose purpose is to promote the exemplary development of local youth through the participation in sport. PYA teaches teamwork and individual responsibility in an atmosphere of respect and sportsmanship. While PYA places emphasis on the development of sports skills, its primary mission is to develop character and an understanding of how participation in sporting events can prepare one for success in all endeavors. To learn more about PYA and register for its softball program, please visit, or email [email protected] with questions.

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