Readers Write: A Bloomberg nomination would turn a GOPer blue

Michael Bloomberg, the self-made New York billionaire and the three-term very successful mayor of New York City, announced two days ago that he is seeking the Democratic Party nomination to run for president of the United States, next year.

Our entire country should be celebrating Mayor Bloomberg’s decision, because it may mean that our beloved country may yet be saved.

Michael Bloomberg has already demonstrated that he possesses all of the leadership, executive and intellectual qualities needed, to lead the United States in these very troubled times.

To me, Michael Bloomberg represents Democratic Party sanity, compared to the likes of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg and the other Democratic Party oddities now vying for the nomination.

Most of those others appear to be either a radical throwback to the 1930s or a fixated militant, who’s come from a world that you and I would never want to visit.

I am a registered Republican, but if Michael Bloomberg is the Democratic Party nominee next year, I will vote for him, over President Trump, assuming that the president is running for a second term.

Why? Because while President Trump has already accomplished a great deal while in office, I believe that he has made too many missteps to remain in office for another four years and I trust that Michael Bloomberg would never make those same missteps.

I believe that Michael Bloomberg seeks to preserve all that is good and wonderful in America and that he also seeks to make significant progress towards resolving our most serious social and economic problems, without shattering our country to pieces, while doing that.

I have not mentioned Joe Biden, the Democratic front runner today, because I do not believe that his long political record merits his reaching the presidency. Joe Biden served as a senator for many years and then he aided and abetted Barack Obama, as his vice president, for eight years.

After all of those years in elected office, Mr. Biden’s long political record reflects little of accomplishment, so I see no reason why we should now allow that record to be extended.

You would think that the leadership of the Democratic Party would be overjoyed with Michael Bloomberg’s entering the race, but they are not. (Newsday, Nov.25th) “Jay Jacobs, chairman of the New York State Democratic Party and the Nassau (County) Democratic Party, called Bloomberg’s chances slim to none.

Jacobs said he likes Bloomberg, but his campaign isn’t built on a rationale that would draw a base to get him to win the nomination. I just don’t see how he brings anything new to the nomination race, Jacobs said. He’s very moderate. Aside from being able to self-fund, I don’t see what advantage he has.”

Can you imagine such a lack of insight and foresight on the part of Mr. Jacobs?

Mr. Jacobs would rather continue to back unelectable oddities like Sanders, Warren and Buttigieg, or a worn-out, unspectacular horse like Joe Biden than throw his party’s weight behind the one contender who is obviously capable of defeating Donald Trump.

The Democratic Party today is certainly not the Democratic Party of Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Herbert Lehman, Al Smith and others of their kind.

Joel Katz

Port Washington

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