Readers Write: Abortion supporters need our prayers

When I first read Dr. Hal Sobel’s letter , “Profiles in Courage” (Feb. 16t), I thought it was satire.

I now think he was actually serious. He regards as heroic two people who played important roles in bringing about the “right” of every woman to kill the unborn child living within her womb.

Sobel seemed to boast that Roe v. Wade has resulted in “over 60 million” unborn babies being destroyed in 45 years!

Science has now made it quite clear that human life begins at conception.

We now have pictures and videos of babies moving about at 9 and 10 weeks of age in their mother’s wombs.

Indeed, such pictures are the reason Dr. Bernard Nathanson, a key abortion leader in the 1970’s who supervised 60,000 abortions, completely changed his position upon facing the reality of his life’s work.

We should never judge the subjective guilt of a woman who kills her baby. 

Only God knows what “problems” she was facing in her mind. Objectively, however, killing one’s unborn baby is a terrible evil.

How an educated person today could want to honor individuals responsible for killing 60 million unborn babies is deeply troubling. But we should not be angry at such people. 

We should instead ask God to help them get over this confused way of thinking and forgive them for celebrating the direct violation of God’s law, “Thou shalt not kill”.

 Elizabeth L. Russo

Port Washington

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