Readers Write: An overlooked presidential candidate – Marianne Williamson

It’s clear that our country is need of deep moral repair on many levels.  School shootings, pollution of our planet, hungry children, corporate gains valued over human welfare,etc.  We need a leader who will be the moral authority to help this country and its people to heal.
“The Presidency is not merely an administrative office. That’s the least of it.  It is pre-eminently a place of moral leadership.”  Franklin D.Roosevelt 1932
When Marianne Williamson speaks, her words resonate with hope unlike no other.  She comes from a place of love on how to address all issues and you can’t help but feel a shift in perspective in how we actually can heal this country and planet.
If we continue to elect candidates that lead from a place of fear, we can be sure that things will only get worse.  Take some time to watch her speak on any of her YouTube videos, or read her books “A Politics of Love” or “A Return to Love.”

Her vision gives immediate hope and peace in my heart – and I’m sure it will do the same to anyone else who will give her the chance.
Marci Quinn


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