Readers Write: Barbara Berkowitz cares: Compassion, strength

As the director of admissions, I’ve had the opportunity of knowing Barbara Berkowitz since her husband was first brought to this nursing home until he passed away. I’ve observed both her compassion and her strength.

You can tell a lot about a person by observing how they are concerned about the elderly and infirm, and also how they express their concerns about and wishes for children. Their kindness is evident and that’s the kind of person you want for your Board of Education.

But you also need someone who understands techniques and programs imperative in education, and who keeps up with what else would be needed in order for a district to maintain its reputation for excellence and what needs to be provided.

I’ve come to know how invested Mrs. Berkowitz is in continuing to uphold the standards demanded of an outstanding school district and seeking out ways to up the ante for all stakeholders.

Running any organization means having to make tough calls. You need to brace yourself for unwarranted harsh criticism, often personal in nature. You need to ensure that those who work for you, and with you, feel valued and respected. And you need to lead with strength in order to assist all those who benefit from your dedication. Barbara Berkowitz is just that person.

I envy all those who work and live in Great Neck having Mrs. Berkowitz fighting for them and the children every day.

Peggy Rossi
Director of Admissions
Highfield Gardens Care Center of Great Neck

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