Readers Write: Cell phones, wifi a threat to our health

Every single resident in the community should have been present at Great Neck House (Nov. 26) to experience the documentary, “Generation Zapped.”  It was life-changing.  “Generation Zapped” confirmed the following:  just because new technology and high-tech products come to market and are advertised heavily – even in the popular newspapers and magazines we read – the radio or television we listen to – does not deem them safe -tested – or wise for our collective health.

Your cell phone is not a toy to be casually handed to young children as a plaything.

Alarming Fact:  the freely spending, well-intentioned consumer lacks any credible consumer protection in this day and age. Critical leaders have been bought by the telecommunications industry.  This is fact – I’m advised – and not fiction.

Science and medicine (National Health Institute, World Health Organization, Harvard, Yale, Columbia, pediatric oncologists and scientists) support the ill effects of cell phone, smartphone, smart pad radiofrequency radiation and all-day WI-FI exposure in the home and in the classroom.  This includes cell-nodes at our neighborhood telephone poles (outside bedroom windows) and the coming of 5G.

You can protect your family’s health, your future reproductive health and that of your children by getting the straight facts from the Grassroots Environmental Education website. Telephone Executive Director, Patti Wood (516-883-0887) and request a follow-up film viewing and Q&A sponsored by your own group.   Brain cancer, breast cancer and sterility won’t wait – will you?

Judy Rosenthal

Great Neck


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