Readers Write: Columnist ignores Chomsky’s reputation for anti-Semitism

Michael D’Innocenzo’s column indicates that he does not realize (or perhaps doesn’t care) that Jews, other than the very far-left minority, regard Noam Chomsky and his cohorts as virulent Jewish anti-Semites. He opposes Jewish self-determination as embodied in Zionism and the State of Israel and goes out of his way to try to harm world Jewry.

By coincidence, I received this week’s Great Neck News at the same time that I received a copy of this letter, below, from David Horowitz, one of the nations’s premier conservative thinkers, in which the Southern Poverty Law Center, another favorite of Mr. D’Innocenzo’s, plays a starring role:

Philip Hanlon
President, Dartmouth College
Hanover, New Hampshire

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