Readers Write: David Kirsch right choice for Village of Great Neck justice

Having lived in Great Neck for his entire life, David Kirsch knows every neighborhood, every street, every school and every organization.

This kind of knowledge, knowing all the nuances of our village, will aid him in dealing with all types of cases that come before the court and to be able to adjudicate those cases fairly and in the best interest of our village and its residents.

With many years behind him as both a prosecutor as well as a defense attorney, David has countless hours of courtroom experience that help to prepare him for the role of village justice.

Aside from his lengthy legal background, a lifetime of living in great neck, as well as being a leader in the Young Israel of Great Neck community, David is now raising a family of his own here, which only deepens his commitment to our beautiful village and all of its residents.

I fully support David Kirsch for village justice in the Village of Great Neck, and hope that you will too.

Lori Nabavian

Village of Great Neck

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