Readers Write: Elect Steve Scott PW police commissioner

Time for a change has never been more urgently needed.

Steve Scott has already read and adopted the Port Washington Police Department Charter, which after nine years eludes his opponent Angela Mullins.

At the recent LWV debate, Mullins dwelled on her police experience while admitting no construction or business experience.

As the past charter revision chair for over 15 years, let me clarify the Port Washington commissioner position. The focus of the Board of Commissioners must be on the business of the district. The qualifications need to be more similar to that of a municipal mayor than a police chief.

Our police district is special and the only one in New York state. There is no municipal government above the Port Washington police, thus, the commissioners act as that missing municipal government. They “shall manage and control the property of the police district.”

Unlike other police departments, a PW Police Commissioner cannot carry guns, cannot make arrests or even issue tickets (which Scott in his current job actually can). They must oversee the business of the district.

Scott has far more qualifications that we need than Mullins. And he will fill that void on the board.   We need to regain fiscal responsible money management and Scott can and has done it. We need to finally move forward and rectify the vast shortcomings of our old and inadequate Police Headquarters. Only Scott is qualified to do this having vast heavy construction and business management experience.

On a short note: A major objection to Scott by Mullins was his claimed attendance at only one PWPD meeting. Short memory, but Mullins had about that number when she ran for office. Also her other commissioners had only a few more. Also, note after election, Scott will have more than enough time to come up to speed before he takes office.

As for the claim of his shortcoming of not being a police officer, we have today very highly qualified PW police officers and administrative staff — the job and need is not for civilians to get in their way of keeping Port safe. Scott wants to give our police the tools and environment they need for the safety of Ports children and residents in schools and the district.

Please join me on Dec. 11, noon to 9 p.m. at the Polish American Hall on Pulaski Place in voting to elect Scott PW police commissioner.

Steve Kaplan

Port Washington


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