Readers Write: Election over, time for healing in VGN

I would like to thank my constituents, the residents of the Village of Great Neck, for coming out in large numbers, many waiting for hours to vote.

It has been my honor to serve as your mayor for the past two years and I appreciate your trust in me in re-electing me as your mayor.

We have a beautiful and diverse community and this should be celebrated.

This diversity has to be applauded and not used to create discord and division.

Statements posted in social media and letters written to the editor must be measured and sensitive, as when doing so we are communicating to our neighbors.

My trustees and I have run a transparent, fair and kind government.

I realized in this election that there have been misinformation and alternative facts circulating in our community.

I will make every effort to come up with a venue by which residents can have online access to news updates within our community.

I want residents to rely on our website, village staff, board members, and myself to do their fact finding.

My goal is for our residents to have easy access to the actual facts and correct information.

I owe our impressive victory to the hard work of many volunteers who helped tirelessly, day and night, and believed in our cause.

I appreciate all of their efforts.

I would like to encourage everyone to become involved and work towards appreciating the uniqueness that each of us has to offer.

Now that the election is over, it’s time to move on and start healing our community that is dear to all of us.

I invite everyone to join me in this important next step.

Dr. Pedram Bral

Mayor, Village of Great Neck

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