Readers Write: Emperor’s new clothes, anyone?


Billions of e-mails, millions of Tweets, and multi-thousands of Letters to the Editors of newspapers across the country––both in print and online––and find not one message of objection or disgust or fear from a leftist about this escalating domestic-terrorism crime wave.

The only conclusion any sentient person can draw is that these Biden supporters approve of this behavior, somehow believing that if enough chaos and crime takes place, Americans will vote for the guy who promises to end it, ole basement Joe himself.

Of course, the liberal (ahem) grown-ups who are supporting this illegal and criminal behavior have children and grandchildren themselves. Who would blame any of their offspring from concluding that if they don’t like someone’s opinion or style or philosophy, it’s perfectly acceptable to light that person’s car on fire, punch that woman in the face and knock out her teeth and then throw her to the ground, smash the windows of this guy’s homegrown business and steal all his goods, blind that offender with a laser beam, or shoot him or her dead?

This is what leftists are teaching their children and grandchildren, a crime for which all of them should be indicted.

President Trump has offered immediate help to all the mayors of the Democrat-run cities in which this violence is taking place, but following orders from the moneybags funding this mayhem, they refuse his offers, leaving the citizens they’ve taken an oath to protect in abject fear.

What a preview of our country if a Democrat is even voted for dogcatcher, much less president!

Joan Swirsky

Great Neck

Editor’s Note: A recent U.S. intelligence assessment reviewed by the Reuters news agency said most of the violence at domestic protests appears to have been driven by opportunists. But the assessment also said there was some evidence that organized extremists from both the left and the right were tied to the violence or promoting it online

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