Readers Write: Expel state officials who backed no bail law

All decent and fair-minded people recognize the evil of BDS Boycott/Divestment /Sanction activity as a discriminatory policy directed at Israel, with no similar actions against genuine crimes of humanity by evil regimes around the world.

To his credit at the time, Gov. Andrew Cuomo made BDS illegal. State Senator Anna Kaplan is busy, as she says, trying to “codify” this law. That’s all very nice, but I’d prefer a state senator doing his or her job comprehensively rather than choosing this issue to “cover her tuchis.”

The fact is that, like Todd Kaminsky on the South Shore, she has sold out our safety through her support of the “no bail” law to curry favor with Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins.

Our great city across Little Neck Parkway is once again a near-1970s netherworld of criminal violence, further accelerated by an imbecilic pseudo-intellectual Harvard DA in Manhattan—and it is leeching all over the state.

Do not be distracted, deterred or fooled: throw out EVERY state senator and Assembly member who sponsored or voted for the “no bail” law.

Hint: They’re the Democratic members.

>Jeffrey Wiesenfeld

> Great Neck

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