Readers Write: Flower Hill mayor shows real leadership


2020 has been an extraordinary year, one that has required strong leadership to combat the constant barrage of issues we have all faced. One after another, we have been hit with one disaster after another, yet one thing remained steadfast through all of this, and that is the leadership of Mayor Brian Herrington.

The Village of Flower Hill faced tremendous hardship when our beloved mayor, Bob McNamara, passed away. Bob cared deeply about the Village and his actions and hard work reflected that. Bob died during the start of the pandemic, and we feared his loss would leave a leadership void in the Village. But Brian Herrington, then deputy mayor, stepped in and took the leadership reins to ensure that we had a plan to move forward. Brian worked tirelessly in those early days of the pandemic, being in constant communication with other local officials to make sure the continuance of government was in place and critical and essential services were not disrupted.

Brian was officially sworn in as mayor and continued to show what solid leadership is all about. When Hurricane Isaias struck, Brian stepped into action immediately, reaching out to other elected officials, utility companies and residents. He provided constant updates on a daily basis to make certain residents were kept apprised of the current conditions and when critical resources would be back online. Village Hall was open for residents who needed assistance, and our highway crew worked around the clock making sure our roadways were safe. Trustees Randall Rosenbaum and Gary Lewandowski were there with him as well.

Too often today we see public servants talk endlessly about how they will do good for the people in a community, when instead, they are merely trying to promote their own self-interest or promote their personal power at the public’s expense, both literally and figuratively. That is not the case with Mayor Herrington, who continues to lead with honor and dignity even as a contender tries to undermine his work with baseless conspiracy theories and politically motivated false accusations. The real measure of leadership is when you can ignore the noise and focus on what counts, making sure our Village is safe and protected. That is what Mayor Brian Herrington is best at, and that is why I ask you to vote for him, and the Flower Hill Party, on September 15.

Frank Genese

Trustee – Village of Flower Hill

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