Readers Write: Flowers on the Table Mother’s Day 2021

The pure beginning.
Despite the wars, deaths, losses, passions,
failures; the succession of politics,
the exhortations and bloviators.

The amazing part of original fire
that dips morning in the light
by which day grows certain—our joy
grows deep, pouring heavenward,
how we are nourished.

The life you impart to me
and all things is sure and equable.
Upon these the world turns,
the most secure and profound of philosophies
makes wonder real.

Because we are friends,
because we are lovers, our children thrive
and make their own tracks.

We among them, hand in hand,
word for word, beautifully blessed—
so much goodness.
Devoting heart and soul, full of life!
Then, you are so much more than my poem.

Stephen Cipot
Garden City Park

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