Readers Write: Gayle Community Center, our closest early voting location, traffic nightmare

Fellow Voters,

For the most important national election in our lifetime, voters from Great Neck, Port Washington, Manhasset planning to vote early at our ‘closest’ location will be very frustrated, I believe. I have just visited, via WAZE, 53 Orchard St., Roslyn Heights, Gayle Community Center.

It is a residential area with narrow streets culminating with a sign warning, “NO OUTLET.”

I continued with the hope that the one way in, one way out, might open to a wide parking lot area one finds around recreation and community centers. No way folks.

The tiny cul de sac u-turn area would be brought to a standstill by three small cars or a couple of big SUVs. Was there not a more voter-friendly location available in all of Great Neck, Port or Manhasset?

I will probably visit another location or wait until Nov. 3. Of course, dropping off an absentee ballot is always a possibility.

Steven Walk

Great Neck

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