Readers Write: Husband’s employment a red herring in G.N. parks race

This is in response to the letter from Leon Korobow in the 11/22 edition, endorsing Frank Cilluffo for Park Commissioner. 

Mr. Korobow states that “it is important to elect commissioners who have the interest, experience and talent to protect and serve the best interests of our community.” 

He then goes on to attack the opposing candidate because her husband is a parks department employee, which Mr. Korobow fears will “shift the balance on the present three-member park board toward an undue concentration of interests that may not always independently focus on the overall welfare of the park district and the Great Neck community as a whole.”  

I wonder if Mr. Korobow feels it benefits the ‘overall welfare of the park district and the Great Neck community’ for Commissioner Ciffullo to hire “Kindred Souls” to perform a highly paid concert at Steppingstone Park, when he is a member of that band. 

Is it in the interest of the Great Neck community for our tax dollars to line the commissioner’s pockets?. We are preparing to impeach a United States president who has used his political position for personal gain.  Should we allow this kind of behavior to go on unchecked at a local level?

In the same issue, you profile Erica Beggs, who is running in opposition to Commissioner Ciffullo. 

Ms. Beggs has some innovative ideas about programming and making our parks “greener” in terms of recycling, and she pledges more transparency about where the money goes in the parks budget.

She has valuable experience as a past director of the Parkwood Skating School, and a truly intimate knowledge of the department, being married to a longtime employee who is in a supervisory position.

She is a breath of fresh air that is sorely needed at this time. It’s time to “drain the swamp” and bring some new energy into the Parks Department – vote for Erica Beggs!

Nina K. Gordon

Great Neck

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