Readers Write: I won’t hold my breath waiting to see this one in print!      

Looks like the Dems and libs are scraping the bottom of the barrel in their “Dump On Trump” campaign. 

The latest is the Williston Times Editorial blaming our President for his tariff on Canadian uncoated paper, “the stuff newspapers are printed on.” 

Since they will never give credit to President Trump for anything good he does, any excuse will do to bash him.  As they say, “Any port in a storm”.

This idea probably occurred because last Monday the New York Daily News told their few remaining readers that it was letting go 50 percent of their features editors [no, they didn’t mention the exorbitant cost of paper]. 

The reason the NYDN is not doing well is that it caters to liberal Trump haters.  Like many other former readers. I canceled my subscription about two years ago. 

My neighbor bought it for the Sports section, and after reading it, would throw the rest of the paper in the garbage. 

The day after their announcement, their Yankees article was a feed from the Associated Press [his favorite Yankees sportswriter obviously had been canned with the rest of them!]  So he now reads the Post — another reader lost.

I guess the publishers of the liberal media newspapers do not realize that Trump was elected President by millions of people  who think he’s doing a great job making America great again, and the Dems and Libs just can’t face reality [Trump Derangement Syndrome?] 

By the way, Newsday is another leftist rag that is losing readers. 

Do people who admire what Trump is doing [i.e., 4.1 GDP] want to start their day reading articles that constantly put him down?  I don’t think so. 

If that’s what you’re into, there’s always the New York Times, CNN and MSNBC.

When Trump was elected President, Obama made the statement, that his election would be “an economic disaster for Americans”; Hillary opined, “Trump policies will throw us into a depression”; John Kerry said, “He will be very bad for American workers”; and economist Paul Krugman [NY Times] wrote, “We will face an economic depression with no end in sight.”  

I wonder how they now feel about 4.1 GDP.  Rather than being “happy” for the country, the only comeback Dems and Libs have is “It’s not sustainable,” just as all the polls indicated that there was no way Trump would be elected President. 

What a bunch of “Debbie Downers”!

By the way, I had to chuckle when Maxine Waters told her supporters she was getting messages from God to “do away” with Trump and that He was on the liberal’s side. 

No Maxine, if God was on your side, Hillary would be in the White House!

In closing, as much as I wouldn’t wish to see the Williston Times cease publishing, I wouldn’t be surprised if many Williston Park residents choose not to spend $35 for a year of Trump bashing. 

How refreshing it would be to read weekly articles relating positive news about our president instead of columnists who do nothing but bash and complain! 

For example, the news that President Trump was bringing home the remains of soldiers who died in the Korean War was not even covered by the liberal media. 

Has anyone heard the old adage, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”? 

If the mainstream media heeded this advice, they’d have to stop broadcasting for lack of material!

Helen Jaeger

Williston Park

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