Readers Write: It’s time to end shutdown now

Is it time for all of us to stand united against requiring American workers to work and not receive their pay or to be furloughed, locked out of their jobs, against government services being furloughed because there are no funds available to continue these services.

To be furloughed or made to work without being paid by a president, (whose support is less than half of the of the population) who has chosen to use our friends and neighbors as hostages in his art of the deal of “my way or no way”.

While the president claims not to be a child, he certainly behaves like one, he is single handily closing down our governmental operations by refusing to fund any government operations.

It’s time for all Americans to stand together to ensure that all Americans are fairly paid for their work and services are returned to normal.

It’s time for this folly to end now. 

Charles Schneider

Great Neck


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