Readers Write: John McCain — A true American hero

On August 25, America lost one of its most altruistic, heroic patriots when Sen. John McCain passed away.  

A little over a year ago, on August 16, 2017, I faxed the following letter to Sen. McCain at his Washington, D. C. office:

“Dear Honorable Senator McCain,

My husband and I grew up in different parts of our great country… he, from the Midwest and I, from Brooklyn. Yet, since we both were in our respective high schools in the late 1960s, we both grew up united in the belief that YOU ARE A TRUE AMERICAN HERO.

You, Senator John McCain, are a man of ethics and love of country… a true patriot.  You are a man who embraces our Constitution… a document written for all Americans, not just for Republicans or Democrats.

You, Senator John McCain, are a man who ascribes to civility between human beings… a simple necessity in working together with others effectively.

Although it has taken us about 50 years to write this letter to you, we both want you to know we feel the sacrifices and service that you have rendered to our country are immeasurable… and, we admire how you have helped generations of Americans continue to enjoy our great freedoms. 

For your sacrifices and services, we both will be forever grateful.

We pray, Senator John McCain, that you are able to continue in public service for another 50 years. Our country needs you. God bless you and your family!”

My husband and I are very grateful that we had the opportunity to tell Sen. McCain what he meant to us before he died. 

May God grant comfort to Sen. McCain’s family and may this great man Rest In Peace.

Kathy Rittel

East Williston

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