Readers Write: Kudos to Lakeville Estate civic on left-turn lane fiasco

I have read your May 10 reporting on the Union Turnpike-New Hyde Park Road left-turn lane problem and the potential for finally bringing about a final solution to a situation that seems to have been with us forever. That being said, I feel that credit should be given to those who have actually got the ball rolling in earnest.

First, to the Herald Courier whose clear, factual reporting on the situation gave both exposure and insight to its many New Hyde Park readers. Second, to Supervisor Judy Bosworth and county legislators Rich Nicolello and Ellen Birnbaum for joining in and doing their part. And third, but far from being least, is the Lakeville Estates Civic Association, whose bulldog-like determination in following through and putting pressure in the right places made the difference. Let’s face it: Without the Lakeville  Estate Civic Association’s involvement, the left turn lane fiasco would have remained with us at least until the Mets win the World Series again (obviously, not in any of our lifetimes).

President Bill Cutrone and the board of the Lakeville Estates Civic Association have become an excellent example of how a civic association should be led and what a viable civic association can accomplish. As a long-term resident of New Hyde Park and a Lakeville Estate Civic Association member, I suggest anyone living in New Hyde Park should seriously consider joining the Lakeville Estate Civic Association.

Jack Benigno

New Hyde Park

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