Readers Write: Let Cuomo pay for his own defense team

One can judge a person’s character by the company they keep.

Did you receive an invitation to Gov. Cuomo’s latest campaign fundraiser to be held in New York City on June 29?

Tickets are only $10,000 or two for $15,000. You can enjoy rubbing shoulders with New York State’s 1 percent, favorite Pay to Play and Democratic Party elite.

Cuomo already has $16.8 million in cash on hand to run for a fourth term. Like most ordinary New Yorkers, I can’t afford the price. I am willing to park limousines, bus tables, mix drinks, or check coats in exchange for admission.

Cuomo is currently under investigation for potential scandals related to nursing home deaths, sexual harassment and his multi-million dollar book deal.

He has hired outside legal counsel at the cost of $2.5 million at government expense.

Why not use some of the proceeds from his upcoming fundraiser and current campaign kitty to pay for his legal representation rather than pick the pockets of taxpayers to foot the bill?

Larry Penner
Great Neck

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