Readers Write: Letter on regulating marijuana dispensaries

I read with rising indignation the Dec. 4 letter from Matthew Zeidman of New Hyde Park, “Town Fails Moral Test on Medical Marijuana Use,” in the Port Washington Times.

In it, Mr. Zeidman chastised you and your colleagues on the North Hempstead Town Board for passing an amendment to the town code that prohibits the sale of medical and recreational marijuana at the same location.
He also condemned another code amendment that the board was set to consider on Dec. 18. This amendment would require, among other things, that a medical marijuana dispensary be located in a building that also had at least one medical office.
Mr. Zeidman correctly points out that no such restriction on pharmacies’ locations exists, yet pharmacies sell highly addictive substances that have led to addiction, despair and death—unlike marijuana.
He writes: “We don’t insist that patients or caregivers filling opioid prescriptions do so in a ‘medical’ setting. They can walk into any CVS or Rite Aid and fill their prescriptions. Why should only medical marijuana patients or caregivers be singled out in this way?”
This, along with several other carefully considered and well-expressed points, make clear that advocates for these regulations are operating out of fear rather than knowledge and compassion. I have written to Town Supervisor Judi Bosworth and to my councilwoman, Dina De Giorgio, urging them to reject this unfair and poorly conceived code amendment. I hope that by the time this letter is published, the board will have acted honorably.
Barbara Selvin
Port Washington

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