Readers Write: Macy’s project offered needed improvements to N. Shore

The News did its readers a disservice with the article “Over 1,100 Residents Petition Against Brookfield Rezoning” in its most recent issue.

The reporting was nothing more than an anthology of complaints. The article did not provide any commentary from those in the community who support the development or believe that revitalization is an urgent need in our region.

At a time when North Shore communities suffer from economic erosion, Macy’s and Brookfield Properties should be commended for wanting to redevelop what is now a desolate park of asphalt and create a modern destination for people in the region to shop, eat and visit.

This level of economic development is the sort of investment that our community needs and our elected officials should celebrate.

After years of economic dysfunction, failed policies, and government inaction, town politicians should be grateful for this opportunity. The benefits of this initiative far outweigh any concerns. Quality of life issues, suggestions of school overcrowding, and concerns about the urbanization of our community are nothing more than shortsighted hyperbole.

Modernize our community and make this part of the North Shore more attractive to new businesses and residents. This revitalization will increase property values, grow the tax base, support local businesses, and help our community stay relevant.

Michael S. Glickman

Great Neck

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