Readers Write: Markowitz deserves our admiration

There are those individuals who selflessly give of themselves to make their community, if not the world, a better place.

One such individual is Steve Markowitz, imbued with an everlasting sense of common decency and upholding for what is right and just. He has demonstrated his forthrightness in numerous ways: supporting diversity, a former president of his temple, his commitment and participation some years ago to building the new main library, the leader of the local Democratic Party affiliate, creating anti-bullying and anti-Semitism programs at the HMTC and his strong commitment at present to honorably serve as chair of the HMTC.

To learn of any attack on Steve Markowitz is ludicrous. He is one person who deserves our admiration and respect for his selflessness and integrity.

Lois A. Schaffer

Great Neck

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