Readers Write: Markowitz email part of a pattern

Steven Markowitz finally acknowledged, after denying it, that he sent the nefarious e-mail that was intended to stoke fear of Orthodox Jewish candidates.

What he failed to do was to apologize for using that anti-Semitic strategy in elections and budget votes (i.e. for library trustee, for school board member, for school board budget, two subsequent mayoral races) that were held since he sent that e-mail.  

In all of these elections, his strategy was used to demonize Orthodox Jews in order to turn out the vote for his candidate or cause.  As the chairman of the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County, Mr. Markowitz should know better.

What Steven Markowitz failed to do was tell the truth.  

The vice chairman of the Democratic Committee of Nassau County and the president of the Great Neck Democratic Club did not know that James Wu, whose mother is the Chairperson of the Flushing Democratic Club, was a Democrat?  

He did not know that James Wu ran a failed primary bid in Queens for John Liu’s City Council seat.  He did not know that James Wu was charged with election violations by the NYC Campaign Finance Board?

How sincere can Markowitz’s apology be if his letter is filled with fabrications?


Lynne Bursky, Ed.D

Chairperson, Yom Hashoah Mobilization Committee

Great Neck

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