Readers Write: Newspaper needs more good news

My name is Raymond Gresalfi and I am a resident of Lake Success.
I am a scout in Boy Scout Troop 544 based out of Notre Dame in New Hyde Park. I often read your newspapers and I find that there is a large amount of articles and passages about negative events and news that happen in New Hyde Park.
In my opinion, there should be a larger amount of uplifting articles about local community organizations such as local scouting groups, athletic teams, and social action movements.
Too much news these days are gloomy and are not the type of news that makes people feel good.
I feel like there should be less stress about the reports on detriments to our community, while having a brighter outlook on the events that take place.
Thank you for your consideration and openness to opinion.
Raymond Gresalfi
Great Neck

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