Readers Write: Parks candidate attended private events, did not wear mask

As a longtime Great Neck resident and a lover and user of the parks, I was dismayed to discover that Parkwood Skating Rink was closed to the public on two occasions for private events, once on Nov. 11 and once on Dec. 5.

Both times only one candidate running in the current election for park commissioner was present, Vanessa Tamari, and also masks were not worn despite very clear park department signage about-face coverings in indoor venues.

This is something that should be called to the attention of the voting public; furthermore whichever officials were responsible for this violation of the public safety and the public trust should be clearly reprimanded.

Any candidate who has a possibility of serving the district should be informed of what their responsibilities to their constituents are; indeed knowing all community rules should be a basic measure of qualification for any job within it.

Rita Hall
Great Neck

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