Readers Write: Phillips agenda more realistic, honest

Folks, it’s reality check time.  
There is a bitter race for the seat in New York State 7th Senate District between Elaine Phillips, mayor of Flower Hill, and Adam Haber, perennial candidate, and I might add — professional loser in Nassau County. 
In a race so important to this district, I will cast my vote for Elaine Phillips, and am confident her platform is the most realistic and honest.
State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli is investigating “clear conflicts of interest” by Adam Haber’s partnership — which directed nearly $2 million in taxpayer money to companies it owned a significant stake in. 
The former chief financial officer at Haber’s partnership even admitted that payments these companies made back to Haber’s business could violate U.S. Treasury conflict-of-interest prohibitions. 
After taking $500,000 in taxpayer money and making these payments back to Haber’s partnership, one of these companies just shut down because of a lack of funding. 
Corruption, conflicts-of-interest and taxpayer abuse cannot be tolerated!
Haber attacks Phillips and claims to be the ‘honest’ candidate for this position.  
However, he ignores the facts regarding Elaine’s background in Flower Hill. 
As the only trustee in Flower hill preceding her term as mayor, she was the only one who voted against a tax increase. 
As the lone opposition to the increase, there was not much she could do other than run successfully for mayor, and her term as mayor found her working across the aisle to defeat any tax increases, and, in fact, reduce taxes for her constituents. 
She has also worked to preserve and restore clean water and favorable environmental conditions in her village.
Adam also attacks Phillips on her stand regarding gun control and the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act, and accuses her of investing in corporations who are anti-gun-control. 
In reality, her stand is about avoiding onerous rules and laws, and avoiding knee-jerk reactions to incidents deemed reason for excessive gun control laws by the Democrat lawmakers at the state level. 
In total agreement with the need for realistic regulations, she has taken a stand based on the fact that criminals don’t follow gun laws — only the legal gun owners do.
Think about it for a few moments, then answer this question: “Why would you want Haber to represent you – isn’t Elaine Phillips the best choice for the office?” 
I do!
Eric Spinner
New Hyde Park

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