Readers Write: PW proposal to tax water usage unfair

Regarding the fees to purify our drinking water, this is a pressing issue as water is the basis of life.  The proposed fee structure is not fair. The tax is randomly chosen to tax homes above a certain value, with proposed taxes on homes above $1 million.  The lack of fairness comes down to six straightforward factors:
1. Everyone uses water and benefits from it.  Why tax those who have a home that is valued above a certain level.  What is the relationship?
2. The beneficiaries are those who use the most water.  They should be taxed the most.  This is simple fairness, yes?
3. Many homes worth less than the targeted level utilize sprinklers and pools. Why should others subsidize those with sprinklers and pools?
4. This is easily measured, e.g. water meters, so there isn’t any issue with assessing actual usage, right?
5. It discourages water conservation, one of the stated goals of the Port Washington Water District, yes?
6. Who will determine the value of a home?  The Nassau County Assessment process is underway.
Put differently, we could abandon the toll both at every bridge and randomly pick a number to tax individuals instead of taxing people who actually use the bridges.  It makes sense there.  Why not tax the people (and water) on the same basis — water usage?
If there is a fairer system, please share it and utilize it. It is the Water District’s role.
Steven Stulbaum
Port Washington

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