Readers Write: Residents’ input welcomed in waterfront deliberations

I’d like to thank everyone that attended the discussion of Cameron Engineering’s Waterfront Analysis at Manorhaven Village Hall this past Saturday.

The trustees and I care about the future of our village and protecting our waterfront.  That’s why we enacted the Waterfront Building Moratorium in 2016, and why we hired the same engineering firm responsible for Port North’s Bay Walk to provide ideas on how the village could provide high-quality waterfront access once the moratorium is lifted.

The majority of those in attendance at Saturday’s meeting did not support extending a Waterfront Overlay District, and as your mayor I am committed to respecting the residents’ opinions.

We will continue the hard work of enhancing public waterfront access that we began nearly two years ago when we first enacted the Moratorium.

I urge concerned residents to share their ideas for Manorhaven’s future with us as we work to ensure that Manorhaven is now and forever “The Pearl of Manhasset Bay.”

Mayor Jim Avena


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