Readers Write: Seeman backs Wink for town supervisor

From the majestic castles of the Sands Point Preserve to the lush beauty of the Clark Botanic Garden, North Hempstead deserves a reliable leader with a proven track record. That man is Wayne Wink, running for town supervisor.

Before I introduce you to Wayne, let me tell you a little bit about my life on Long Island. My name is Lee Seeman and I have served our town in various capacities since 1975. Currently, I represent Great Neck, North New Hyde Park, Floral Park, Garden City Park, and surrounding areas in the Town Council.

While I have chosen not to pursue re-election, I am excited for our town’s future. Supervisor Judi Bosworth is retiring after eight years serving and transforming North Hempstead. To continue our progress, I wholeheartedly endorse my colleague and friend Wayne Wink.

Wayne is more than just another politician to me— he’s a longtime friend and colleague. In our time together in town government, we have worked together on a variety of initiatives. With leadership from Supervisor Bosworth, we expanded Project Independence, helping our seniors stay active and healthy in our community. This past summer we spearheaded the “Not In Our Town” project, encouraging kindness and highlighting the diversity in our community. I am proud to say that our signs now stand on many street corners across our town.

Even some lifelong town residents sometimes ask me: What does the town supervisor do? There’s no shame in the question! The supervisor sits on the board, presides over meetings and introduces legislation. They represent the town in communications with other regional officials and introduce initiatives to support small businesses, public safety and community well-being.

As a longtime resident of North Hempstead, I know a thing or two about the characteristics of a trustworthy elected official, and I’m confident that Wayne will excel in these roles. Wayne knows how to balance a budget. Under his tenure as town clerk North Hempstead secured a AAA bond rating, the highest rating a municipality can obtain.

North Hempstead is facing a critical moment in its history. COVID recovery, senior well-being and environmental protections are on the ballot this November. This moment demands an experienced, principled leader. For a brighter future in our community, I am urging you all to vote for Wayne Wink this Nov. 2.

Councilwoman Lee R. Seeman
5th District, Great Neck

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