Readers Write: Trump critics like Lear’s 2 daughters

Once again we were treated to the vacuous opinions of Goneril and Regan on pages 16 and 17 of last week’s edition of the Manhasset Times.

I am a staunch believer of the First Amendment and everyone has a right to voice their opinions.

I do have some questions though, since these evil sisters cannot be bothered to substantiate their opinions with facts.

So, sisters, please enlighten all those who read your opinions, naively hoping that one of these days you will present a coherent argument for what you believe to be true.

Goneril asks, “what does it say when 13 Republicans meet in secret to come up with a health care law?”

Actually it says nothing.

Committees meet all the time to draft bills. Didn’t you know that, G?

And what does it say when the then mentally shriveled Speaker of the House said in 2010: “In order to see the bill, we have to pass the bill?”

Did you know that the entire Unaffordable Health Care Act was written in secret?

And Regan spews her vapidity with “the Secretary of Education ….. is known to favor charter schools that satisfy undesirable agendas.”

What undesirable agendas?

Actual learning of the curriculum?

Excellent outcomes for students?

Regan, do you know that children thrive in charter schools compared to the education they receive in city schools? Why are you against this?

Trump is our President because he was duly elected so.

Stating that it is “regrettable that we have allowed a person … to remain in office …” borders on treason.

Oh, and by the way, whatever happened to the nearly $1 billion stimulus bill implemented in 2010?

Have we any infrastructure to show for it?

The answer is no.

I am eagerly awaiting your answers in your future letters to the editor.

Lauren Block


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