Readers Write: All of us should help the needy

Poverty seems to be increasing in our neighborhoods, what can we do?

And yet maybe there might be some things we can do on the local level.

I was in the Glen Oaks Village shopping area near Chase Manhattan Bank and Key food store.

I saw men , women, young and old begging for small change during various times of the day.

Some I had spoken to were either homeless, hungry  or having mental problems. I have found that most sad indeed.

I myself had found myself homeless over forty years ago and truly feel their pain.

My question is what is the state, city and federal government doing for these unfortunate souls?

I saw an old man on Saturday before Easter, asking me for spare change, so I gave him a few bucks.

He thank me and told me,” God bless you and have a Happy Easter.”

Too bad he might not.

There were a few out there I tried to help with spare change.

I think more of us should help the needy and poor. I ask the many that can to donate to food kitchens, food pantries and community and church groups that help the poor.

Maybe in a small way as individuals we can make a better community with our loving and caring for those in the most need.

Remember this too: Are we not God’s children and need to be his loving hands ?

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.


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