Readers Write: We will all pay for Haitian invasion at border

“The border is closed” spouts the DHS prevaricator, Alejandro Mayorkas.  We have heard this comment over and over again since the inauguration of the prevaricator-in-chief, Joe Biden.  We have watched thousands of illegal crossings of Haitian immigrants for two weeks and their numbers reached 15,000 last week as they gathered and lived under the International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas.

The Border Patrol on horseback was sent to keep things under control and  to stop the illegal crossings from continuing.  Uncompliant Haitians continued to attempt to enter illegally and several photographs were taken of those actions being thwarted by the border patrol and their horses.   Horse’s reins were misidentified as “whips” by the media and the left lost no time in spreading this misinformation with Congresswoman Maxine Waters, in all her glory, calling it a scene “worse than slavery.”

Hardly, Maxine, just another leftist lie to be disproven.  The photographer who took these pictures, Paul Ratje, has debunked this story and says that no one was ever struck by the border patrol and that the angle of the photos creates an optical illusion that is false.

There was Joe Biden, before any real investigation, castigating the border patrol at a press conference and saying about the border patrol that “these people will pay” and stopping policing with horses on the border. Ignorance is bliss, the saying goes, and

Joe must be very blissful because these men on horseback save thousands of lives every year that would not be saved if they were on foot.  Now, in just a matter of a few days, there is no one under the bridge.  Poof! They are gone, but where?

Brace yourselves, only 1,400 have been removed and sent back to their country of origin, the rest have been sneaked into our interior, with no vaccines, almost no vetting, with measles, TB and Covid-19, to a city or town near you.  You are paying for all of their needs, their health care and soon their education.

Al Sharpton appeared yesterday to spew his racism propaganda. He never misses an opportunity to race bait as if any of this has to do with race.  It has to do with law breaking and not protecting Americans from illegal invasions like this.  You heard me, invasion. I know the left hates that word because it is true.

By the way, I hear there are 20,000 more people on the way.  What is your plan, Joe?  And just a thought, when you make the border patrol pay, who is going to pay for our 13 dead Marines and Navy men, hundreds of innocent Afghans and those killed by your drone? You should pay and pay dearly. You and the rest of your incompetent cabal. How many Americans and SIV people did you rescue this week? Cackling Vice President Kamala Harris was just as enraged by this phony story and I cringed when she repeated the untruths.

Now, let’s get to the “root cause” of all of this, shall we?  Joe Biden and his radical leftists do not care one iota about us, the citizens, or the people coming here illegally.  This is about one thing and one thing only, votes and turning this country into a Marxist country under the tyrannical rule of the Democratic Party.

It will not matter what your political bent is or what you think about how this country should be run because their power will be absolute. It is a fact that illegal immigrants that gain the right to vote usually vote Democratic after they have been bought off with free this and free that, except for Cubans who usually vote Republican which is why Mayorkas firmly said that any Cubans sneaking in here will be immediately sent back to Cuba.

Oh, they will not get the right to vote immediately, but that is the goal and I am willing to bet that attempts will be made to facilitate this as soon as possible if the Democrats have their way.  Our New York City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, wants to overrule state law and give the right to vote to green card and work visa holders in our local elections. They start small but the writing is on the wall.

In October 2020, I wrote a letter laying out the features of the Sanders/Biden policy manifesto. Much is coming true. California , under the irresponsible, newly saved Gov. Newsom has just eliminated zoning for one-family housing only.  Now you can have an apartment building right in the middle of your suburban street.

Don’t live in that state? No matter. Biden did away with it for the whole country if communities are receiving certain federal funding. In order to get those funds, the federal government gains much control over  the suburbs affirmatively furthering the Fair Housing Rule.  Borders are virtually open to one and all with you paying the bill for health care and other needs for illegal immigrants.

If they manage to pass this horrendous $3.5 trillion bill this week, the taxes in this country will be raised to cosmic heights so you can pay for all that “free stuff” that is in it.  The welfare state begins, personal responsibility erodes and so does much of your freedom.

Dependency is a freedom breaker.  The Green New Deal is on the horizon and so much more.  All paid for by tax hikes and no one earning less than $400,000 will have their taxes raised.  Does anyone out there believe that whopper.?  Have you seen their plans for capital gains taxing and inheritance taxing?  No amount of taxing the rich is going to pay for this behemoth and let’s face it: You voted for Bernie Sanders and AOC for president and didn’t know it.  You were duped.

There is no Moderate Biden. There is a shell of a man who is weak, confused and concerned with only two things, his own power and optics.

Gayle Palmer

Williston Park

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