Readers Write: What’s on the horizon: Wireless networks/Smart Cities systems

Marc Alessi wrote a letter in the March 16, 2018 issue of the Great Neck News, gushing over the upcoming implementation of a new, powerful version of a wireless network, known as 5G. Unfortunately, his presentation failed to mention the potential negative health consequences of the system.

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On Sept. 13, 2017, more than 180 scientists and doctors from 35 countries signed a petition recommending a moratorium on the roll-out of 5G systems for telecommunication until potential hazards for human health and the environment have been fully investigated by scientists independent from industry.

5G will substantially increase exposure to radio-frequency electromagnetic fields on top of the 2G, 3G, and 4G Wi-Fi networks for telecommunications already in place.

Given that RF-EMF has been proven to be harmful for humans and the environment, scientists are fearful that exposure to 5G systems will substantially increase the health hazard, over and above what we are already experiencing.

A large number of peer-reviewed scientific reports have demonstrated harm to human health from EMFs, including a recent study by the National Toxicology Program.

These results support human epidemiological studies on RF radiation and brain tumor risk.

5G networks are generally considered to operate within the band of spectrum between 6 GHz and 100 GHz, also known as the millimeter wave band.

These are much higher frequencies than the 2G, 3G, or 4G networks currently in place, and have never before been used in conjunction with everyday consumer products. Because of the tremendous capacity of these 5G networks, companies will be able to link more and more devices to one another wirelessly.

Such connected devices make up what is called “The Internet of Things.”

Soon we’ll be able to access many of our appliances at home via our cell phones or computers, as an example.

As great as this may sound, it means that we will be completely awash in the waves that connect these devices, and by the electromagnetic fields generated by them.

Another related use of the 5G networks is in “Smart City” systems.

These are wireless networks that connect many objects in a community, such as the streetlights, cameras, audio surveillance equipment, billboards, garbage pails, etc.

As part of the LED streetlight installation in the Village of Great Neck, Mayor Pedram Bral authorized the installation of a Smart City system. There is now a wireless receiver on top of every one of the 800 light poles in the Village.

This will make it possible for someone at a remote location to dim the lights as needed. Ostensibly, this is the major purpose of this very expensive network.

My concern is twofold: 1. even with the system in place, the result is that we now are bathed in RF-EMFs to a greater degree than we had been previously; 2. it is likely that in the future, the system will be upgraded to a 5G system, bringing with it even more potential risks to health and to the environment.

The issue of RF-EMFs goes way beyond Great Neck Village. State legislation is now on track to ease the installation of 5G systems by the major telecommunications giants in this country, leaving localities no control over the rollout.

I urge everyone to contact Gov. Cuomo and state Sen. Elaine Phillips to tell them that you are concerned about the premature rollout of 5G systems.

Tell your state representatives to make sure to vote to exclude Article 13-E, Radiation Emitting Wireless Equipment from the executive budget proposal.

Amy Glass, Ph.D.

Great Neck

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