Readers Write: Why I stepped aside in primary race with Anna Kaplan

For the past nine months, I have had the unique honor to run for New York state Senate in the 7th District.

I am profoundly grateful to all my supporters, volunteers and incredible campaign staff who made this experience possible. As I have said all along, campaigns aren’t about candidates, they are about the shared mission among all those involved.

In the Democratic campaign for District 7, the mutual priority is to win the New York State Senate by flipping this vital swing seat — a victory that would deliver the full power of Albany into the resistance against the dangerous policies of Donald Trump.

Given the major statewide and national implications at play, it is imperative that the Democratic Party has a conflict-free path to victory in November. That means supporting the candidate best positioned to win in the general election.

Despite the many achievements of my campaign, including having been the top fundraiser among declared challengers for the New York state Senate and, one of the most media covered state legislative campaigns in New York, I have concluded it is time for me to bow out so that the Democratic Party may unite behind a nominee without the obstacles of a primary.

We need to be unified, to galvanize all our manpower and the resources necessary to win such a contested and expensive race. Unlike the Congressional primaries that were just held, our state primaries in New York are not until Sept. 13.

That leaves the eventual winner with a precarious timeframe of seven weeks; where they must rebuild a financial war chest, unite the party, and run a general election against the Republican incumbent who will be fortified with millions of dollars from Big Money.

So, for the greater benefit of Long Islanders and New Yorkers, I am stepping aside to put my support behind Anna Kaplan.

I believe she will carry the mantle on issues my campaign has been fighting for including, universal health care for all New Yorkers and tax relief from SALT.

Indeed, Anna has a record standing for the Democratic values and principles we need. She has been a consistent advocate for common sense gun legislation, women’s reproductive rights, the Child’s Victim Act, election reform / fair voting rights, and protecting our environment particularly our freshwater aquifers in Long Island.

Together as a unified voice, I know we can win back Albany and pass these vital pieces of legislation for New York; and, defend our state from currently destructive federal policies.

Thank you again to everybody who supported my campaign.

Brad Schwartz

Port Washington

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