Readers Write: Adequate vaccine supplies needed now


As reported the cases of COVID-19 infection rate has risen in New York. In New York City alone there is only one more week of vaccine available. Places like the Brooklyn Army Terminal have shut down due to lack of vaccine. In addition Mount Sinai has canceled appointments and NYU Langone Health stopped scheduling new appointments.

As such I find this most troubling. My wife Eva is 67 years old and I am 71 years old and we both need the vaccine as most people do. The government needs to do more to get the COVID-19 vaccine to the American people, many of whom are sick and dying. President- elect Joseph Biden promises to get more vaccine out. I hope he succeeds. U

Until then my wife and I are practicing good health habits like getting tested, frequent hand washing and using hand sanitizer, and staying six feet apart when in stores. We are also  taking increased supplements of vitamin D. Now as reported in the AARP Bulletin this month, stated vitamin D deficiency is linked to higher risk of acute upper respiratory infection and is a common trait among COVID-19 patients. Let me also point out that nothing yet can replace the COVID-19 vaccine and we all need it now!


Frederick R. Bedell Jr.



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