Readers Write: Attacks on Trump ignore his successes, Biden’s failures

Readers Write: Attacks on Trump ignore his successes, Biden’s failures

We live in a country where we still have a First Amendment. Your readers can write as many letters comparing our 45th President to Adolf Hitler as they please. They have, and continue to be, obsessed with 45 and will never admit the great things he has done for our country (and others) in the 4 years in office.

So instead of throwing those same hate bombs to the current administration with its weak and inept tactics and failing regime, or to hold Dr.Fauci accountable for his 2-year flip flop sham of a plan, they continue on with their jealous rages.

This past issue (January 14, 2022) there were 4 letters about this topic. They talk about repeating a lie often enough and it will be believed. Well that’s not true! Just look at how many times they have written about this topic, yet I honestly don’t think they changed anyone’s minds. As I said, we have a First Amendment, so let them rage on.

However, what is upsetting, is the fact that Blank Slate Media decides to publish this attack. Are you in support of their message or are you unbiased? Is poor press better than none at all? Will you publish letters stating Biden’s ties to George Wallace and Robert Byrd?

Or Obama’s to Frank Ayers and Jeremiah Wright? etc. These relationships are fact and well documented, and not wild and desperate comparisons.

Are you catering to a base that is weakening and this is an attempt to gin it up? I hope for the sake of the community you serve, you have more discretion and fairness in what you decide to print. Yes, you can unify us if those in Washington wont.

Simon Klarides

Port Washington

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