Readers Write: Comparing Trump to Hitler is fair play

Readers Write: Comparing Trump to Hitler is fair play

Several letter writers continue to complain about comparisons of Donald Trump to Hitler.  I certainly agree that Hitler, who directed the murder of six million Jews, was an unparalelled monster.  And I know it’s a drop in the ocean by comparison, but Trump did say he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it, that his supporters would be fine with it.  And all evidence so far is that he was right, or at least not much of his abhorrent behavior bothers them.

One of your letter writers said:  “I know you hate him and think he is a politically incorrect vulgarian, but until he starts throwing people into ovens don’t compare Donald Trump to Hitler.”  The key word there is “until.”

Remember he started his cult five years ago by attacking immigrants, followed shortly—with help from Jeff Sessions—by separating children from their parents.  And he continues to make immigrants scapegoats for the grievance that he fulminates.

I wonder why, say in 1933, Hitler didn’t introduce red MAKE THE REICH GREAT AGAIN caps.

Robert D. Adams

Great Neck

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