Readers Write: Congress members love earmarking


Likes pigs dining at the trough, members of Congress just can’t get enough pork to bring back home. On a bipartisan basis, they have resurrected the old “member items” previously known as “Congressional earmarks.”

Both Democrats and Republican Congress members believe it is one way to assure re-election in 2022. Congressional earmarks have been rebranded under a new title, community project funding.” requests.

Most federal aid programs are distributed on a formula basis to states and cities with local recipients. Washington bureaucrats don’t decide how to spend these funds. Civil servants want to make sure dollars are spent for eligible projects, completed on time and within budget with taxpayers receiving the full benefits.

Career civil servants have the independence and technical expertise to do a better job in the distribution of funds and to protect the interests of taxpayers in avoiding any waste, fraud or abuse than members of Congress.

Larry Penner

Great Neck



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