Readers Write: Cronin well-qualified for comptroller seat


Aside from his ad hominem attacks on State and Nassau County Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs and me in his recent letter (“Dems can do better than Cronin for comptroller,” Great Neck NewsFeb. 19), Mr. Walk questions the wisdom of the Nassau County Democratic Committee nominating Ryan Cronin for the position of Nassau County comptroller.  He raises some questions about Mr. Cronin’s abilities and judgment and calls for other candidates to come forward and seek the nomination.

Anyone who is interested in running for comptroller, or any other position up for election this year, has every right to challenge for the nomination.  What Mr. Walk fails to, or does not want to, appreciate is that the party leadership went through an extensive process and considered numerous potential candidates once it became clear that the comptroller position was going to be an open seat.  There were a number of very qualified candidates and Ryan Cronin emerged as the most outstanding of all.

He is a partner in a major New York law firm, recognized as a “Super Lawyers Rising Star,” and its says a lot a about a man who is willing to leave such a prestigious position and career for public service.  Mr. Ryan has a long history of helping the residents of Nassau County and standing up against waste and fraud in government.  He has the experience, the competence and the passion to fight for and protect the interests of Nassau County taxpayers and I, for one, am thankful that he has stepped up to take on the challenge.

Steven Markowitz
Great Neck


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