Readers Write: Curran’s missteps doomed her re-election

Readers Write: Curran’s missteps doomed her re-election

Former County Executive Laura Curran whining about President Biden and other Democrats on Fox News concerning her loss to Bruce Blakeman is self-serving and wrong. She ran a lackluster campaign in which she failed to show how Biden’s stimulus program prevented layoffs of police and other county workers.

In addition, his covid stimulus funds prevented the LIRR from having to cut service. This never would have happened if Blakeman’s candidate, Trump, had won. Why couldn’t she make this obvious connection in the campaign? Her weakness in implementing Gov. Hochul’s mask mandates laid the groundwork for Blakeman’s extreme stance on masks.

When vaccinations came into effect, she never advocated for centers in Nassau and as a result county residents had to go to NYC for vaccinations. Wishy-washy Democrats can’t get their constituency to vote, and as a result they lose.

David Torby

Great Neck

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