Readers Write: DeSena off to bad start as supervisor

Readers Write: DeSena off to bad start as supervisor

Newly elected North Hempstead Town Supervisor Jennifer DeSena was intemperate and disingenuous with her comments during her swearing-in ceremony on Jan. 2. Why she elected, unprovoked, to attack our town for “divisive politics” and “dragging its feet” in governing portends poorly for her administration and governing style.

As a resident of Great Neck Gardens, an unincorporated area of the town, we are dependent on the supervisor as we haven’t a mayor or village hall. Former Supervisor Judi Bosworth and her staff were very attentive to our needs whether it be quick snowplowing, solid waste disposal, paving roads, her establishment of 311 call center and so much more.


Supervisor DeSena, are you not aware that Ms. Bosworth won four consecutive terms with pluralities of 60 percent to 67 percent each time? Don’t you think that’s harmony instead of divisive? Perhaps you haven’t a clue since you’re so green as a first-time officeholder at any level. Are you not aware that crucial issues like an Ethics Policy for the town was passed by the Board, 7 to 0, with Republicans on the Board?


Your abrasive, combative approach is not going to get consensus from a split 4-to-3 Board, which is going to hurt us, the very constituents you were elected to serve.


Steven M Walk

Great Neck

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