Readers Write: Diversity unifies Lakeville civic


I was dismayed to hear of the resurgence of anti-Asian-American bias.  How sad. One has only to look at the Lakeville Estates Civic Association  to see the positive impact that our Asian-American members,  as well as our Asian-American board members, have had in the LECA’s success in recent years.

We should consider that the terms “diversity” and “unity” are not necessarily opposites.  If we were to look at LECA’s membership rolls, we would see a range of ethnic and religious diversity as never before. The thread that binds these groups is a sense of community concern, pride in their neighborhood and a desire to make sure that LECA remains viable and strong in its interaction with local government.

The example of a Lakeville Estates Civic Association member cutting the overgrown lawn of an unoccupied house or another member going out of his way to shovel the snow so that an elderly member could get out of her house or the diverse group of members who showed up at the home of a terminally ill member to sing Christmas carols in an effort to let him know that he was not forgotten is really what it’s all about.

Good people, good deeds,  a sense of compassion and integrity is what turns a diverse group of decent people into a unified civic association.

Jack Benigno

New Hyde Park


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