Readers Write: GNWPCD election – Re-elect Steve Reiter

Readers Write: GNWPCD election – Re-elect Steve Reiter

We, the commissioners of the District, are writing to urge you to join us in supporting Steve Reiter in the Great Neck Water Pollution Control District’s Board of Commissioners election on Tuesday, Dec. 14.

Steve has been a lifelong leader in the Great Neck Community and many organizations have benefited from his service and are the recipients of his creativity and expertise.

The Great Neck Water Pollution Control recently completed several important upgrades to our facility starting with our three digesters, an additional microturbine and the first Grease Receiving Station in Nassau County.

We are still in the process of major improvements to our collection system with five out of ten pump stations being redone. These innovations need Steve Reiter, the chairman of the Board, to continue to oversee and contribute a strong and consistent vision drawing from his years of experience in this position as a Commissioner.

Steve recently championed a $150,000 grant from Nassau County for a feasibility study to sewer Great Neck Estates and Harbor Hills at no expense to residents.

During his tenure, the GNWPCD was awarded the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Environmental Excellence Award for pioneering projects that expand renewable energy, improve sustainability, reduce drinking water use, and cultivate new partnerships.

Steve was instrumental in contributing to the many processes that go into upgrading our facility and receiving this prestigious award would not have happened without his astute judgment, foresight, and tireless efforts.

We are supporting Steve Reiter because he demonstrates a consistent ability and sensitivity to make decisions that protect our environment, health and keep our taxes as low as possible.

Please join us in voting to re-elect Steve Reiter Commissioner on Tuesday, December 14, at the Great Neck Water Pollution Control, 236 East Shore Rd., Vista Hill entrance from 1 pm – 9 pm.

Patty Katz and Jerry Landsberg
Commissioner Commissioner
Great Neck

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