Readers Write: How Is Foye ‘conflicted?’


Re: “State Troopers to help fight subway crime,” Larry Penner, 6/1/2021. How does MTA CEO Patrick Foye have a “conflict” by using police officers now to fight subway crime rather than crackdown on fare beaters? The author worked for the Federal government for 31 years. Did he ever hear of changing and shifting priorities?
The author talks about several hundred million dollars in losses due fare evasion. Yet in a January 18, 2021 opinion piece in this very publication he talks about the MTA Inspector General finding the MTA’s method of tracking fare evasion unreliable. So how can the author possibly infer any figure under the circumstances?
The author continues to say that Foye announcing the MTA will not crackdown on fare beaters will invite even more of it. People obey the law because they fear the consequences. People violate the law because they feel the potential reward is worth more than the risk. I doubt Patrick Foye factors into that decision.
The author goes on to suggest that state troopers should be assigned to patrol the subway. I don’t claim to be an expert on fighting crime, but from what I’m to understand, State Troopers work in mostly rural areas. Does it make sense to assign State Troopers to an urban area such as the subway?
In addition, an article in the Albany Times-Union states that the head of the union representing State Troopers was unhappy with Troopers being in New York City and wanted them removed from New York City. Also, Governor Cuomo wanted them to patrol airports, bridges, and tunnels. Not the subway.
The author suggests State Troopers be used to patrol major subway hubs, thus freeing regular police and MTA police to patrol the subway. A quick Google check of the MTA police reveals, ” [w]e are dedicated to providing safe travel for the commuters of the LIRR, Metro-North, and Staten Island Railway.” Again, does it make sense to use police officers accustomed to fighting crime in a far different environment to do so in the subway?

Nat Weiner


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