Readers Write: How Was McGovern Ahead of His Time?

Readers Write: How Was McGovern Ahead of His Time?

To the Editor,

Re: “McGovern Was Ahead of His Time,” Larry Penner.
I agree with the author generally as to the futility and waste of war. However….
McGovern died in 2012, making October 21 the 9th anniversary of his death, not the tenth. The author should check the opinion piece before copying and pasting it.
The author states “McGovern was too proud to emphasis his military experience.”

You do not emphasis something, you place emphasis on something. How does the author know McGovern was too proud to emphasize his war record? Did the author have a psychic connection with McGovern? Could it be that with the war waging in Vietnam and those 18 and older just made eligible to vote maybe his campaign staff didn’t think it a good idea to emphasize his war record?
Simply because he was a genuine hero in the war didn’t mean he would strong on defense.
How did being opposed to the Vietnam War make McGovern “ahead of his time?”

It meant he was opposed to war. A lot of other people were. Were they ahead of their time?
Also, a quick check of Wikipedia reveals that his running mate was manic depressive at best and possibly psychotic, taking powerful antipsychotic medication. Does the author think this is the kind of person to have a finger on the button should McGovern suddenly die in office?.

Nat Weiner


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